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2 volt Aluminum Ion Battery

Our goal is to create an X-ion style battery that can easily be constructed from recycled and recyclable materials. Our current chemistry (a bit further along than this instructable) uses AL/K[AlOH4]/urea/isopropyl (or ethanol) alcohol/graphite which results in a battery capable of 18-20mA draw from 2.25v down to 1.6v, accepts abuse (overcharging) if the alcohol is replaced, and is capable of being constructed in a low tech environment.

A large refuelable metal-air battery

One of our initial battery projects exploring Metal-Air chemistries and simplified materials bills, this metal air battery was capable of operating for several months at a very low current draw. While the goal is to re-explore this chemisty, we plan to adapt it to a metal-air flow battery, where the reactant (iron oxide) is pumped through the carbon cathodes.

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